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Our purpose is to create a business that resonates our values with those of what our clients would love. We are committed to being authentic, inclusive, personable, and dedicated to visual excellence. We strive to provide a meaningful and relatable experience for every client we work with.

We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Our very relaxed, calm yet assertive approach is here to make the photography part of your day seamless and enjoyable. We can even be like ninjas in the shadows with a documentary style approach.

We are the OGs, the wizards, the jedi of what we do. We know firsthand about blended families, neurodiversity, and the importance of inclusivity. Being these free bird empty-nester adventurers now, we think we bring a unique perspective to our work, which is playful. Our journey has taught us what to look for, how to anticipate special moments, and how to connect deeply with clients who’ve traveled similar roads. Our inclusive approach welcomes couples of all backgrounds and orientations, ensuring that everyone feels seen, respected, and celebrated.


Our dedication to visual excellence has been recognized with multiple Brides Choice Awards, Bronze Medalist recognition at the IPC competition, and several other prestigious accolades. This relentless pursuit of perfection has driven us to continuously improve and become better photographers. In 2022, we relocated from Michigan to Northern California and rebranded from Pritchard Photography to Chris Pritchard Studios. Our clients’ heartfelt testimonials and our extensive experience speak volumes about our commitment to capturing your unique love story.

Ready to capture your love story with authenticity, elegance, and emotional depth?


Reach out to us today to start planning your perfect photography experience. Let’s create something beautiful together!


Our Values



Capturing genuine, unscripted moments that reflect the true essence of a story. This ensures that every photograph resonates with real emotion, making each image a heartfelt memory that couples will cherish forever. Being authentic is who we are and how we work.



All love is love in our world. Embracing and celebrating love in all its forms, welcoming couples of all backgrounds and orientations. We are neurodiverse, which means when we hyper-focus, we next level that shit. We want to be connected with our clients in meaningful ways.


Personable Connections

We are a people-based business who love all the peoples, so it’s important to us to build genuine relationships with couples to understand their story and vision. By fostering these connections, we create a more personalized and meaningful photography experience.


Dedication to Visual Excellence

The relentless pursuit of the perfect shot never ends. We strive for perfection in every shot. Using artistic vision to craft unique and stunning visuals that tell a compelling story and look amazing. Each photo is not just a record of an event but a piece of art that we strive to achieve.

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