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Father and daughter dance

The power of emotions.

Lives in the memories

Emotion Artistry

In my world of wedding photography, every emotion is unfiltered, every scene is drenched in truth, and every photograph resonates with the stories untold.

This gallery is a sanctum where love's raw power and pure joy are not just captured, but deeply felt and eternally preserved. 

As you wander through these moments, feel the pulse of genuine emotions that I have been privileged to witness and frame—a father's tear, a mother's embrace, a lover's laughter. It's here, in this celebration of realness, that your heartbeats become the art that hangs on every wall of memory. Explore more wedding photos.



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My Photographic Style

My approach is cinematic, yet deeply personal, blending the spontaneous charm of candid moments with the orchestrated finesse of professional guidance for inspiring your best moments.

Every shot is crafted with a conscious choice of lighting, composition and mood, yet part of a cohesive story.


"I have followed Chris's work for years and contacted him before I was even engaged to book him for our wedding. He was friendly and professional.
We are a same sex couple and Chris took extra time to get to know us as a couple and become familiar with our style and our history.

I always knew he was a wonderful photographer but couldn't have imagined how perfect our pictures would turn out. We are so thankful for all his hard work and would highly recommend him to anyone!"



Chris is absolutely amazing to work with! He takes the time to make sure he gets the most perfect pictures for your big day!


Chris is down to earth, funny, and you can tell he is passionate & 100% dedicated to what he does. He provided us with TONS of pictures (both black & white and color) from our wedding and every single picture is absolutely stunning. Do yourself a favor & hire Chris for your big day! You won't regret it.



Highly recommended creative photographer! Chris has the eye. He sees what others might not see, captures it with a mastery over light and composition, and knows when to move on to the next brilliant moment.


Chris was very easy to work with; able to craft family shots to accommodate our needs and keep things flowing. He also did conceptual shots with the two of us and careful production afterward that we consider more like fine art on our wall. I recommend him with full confidence.


The Couples Experience

Discover the art of connection with our couples collection, designed for couples who want to celebrate their bond in a beautiful and meaningful way.

The couples experience is where we get to have fun, be creative, tell a story, and celebrate your unique relationship. Whether you're dating, newly engaged, or simply want to capture the essence of your love, our sessions are great for day dates! Let us illustrate your narrative of love through photographs and imagery that are as authentic and vibrant as your bond.

Portraits & Headshots

Beauty and emotion are interwinding in directed and natural narrative art symmetry.

Meticulously crafted to create timeless masterpieces. Our fine art portraits stand out in the heart of California, where we blend traditional techniques with modern elegance, creating heirlooms that celebrate the individuality of our clients.

Student Fashion Photography

Student portraits are a celebration of personality and potential, blending contemporary style with a touch of timeless elegance unique to the Northern California vibe.

Each photo is a testament to individuality, shining a spotlight on the distinct personality and style of each senior. Our work stands out in the Folsom area for its creative approach that not only reflects the essence of this chapter in life but also encapsulates the unique vibe of Northern California's vibrancy.

I'm Chris Pritchard

The creative founder behind Chris Pritchard Studios (formerly Pritchard Photography). I am beyond thrilled to be here. I believe I've been given a talent to share the beauty of the world. I've always been inspired by cinematography and I wanted to develop a style that conveys that feeling. Through my way of seeing things, I've been able to forge a journey in chasing this beauty. The beauty of chasing that forever shot, the shot you think can never be topped, then you just keep leveling up. For me, that begin in the early 2000's. Honestly, before that art, graphic design or anything creative was something I was already skilled in. Photography became my paintbrush and human stories and beautiful stories became my canvas.


Through the years, my path has been adorned with accolades, including multiple Brides Choice Awards, prestigious nods and Bronze Medalist: Photographic Open Competition International Photographic Competition as well as, Best of Show from the Professional Photographers Association of New England (PPANE) and the Professional Photographers of Western Michigan (PPWM) as one of the top 5 wedding photographers. Current member of the Professional Photographers Associations (PPA) and Professional Photographers of California (PPC).

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