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Free Professional Headshot Photo Event

Join me for a free professional photo taken by a guy who is pretty good with a camera.

After 15 years of professional photography in West Michigan where I had great success and many fans, my wife and I decided to do something bold and move to Folsom. We fell in love with it when we visited, leaving behind the legacy I made there with excitement to paint with this NorCal canvas here.

This event is a great opportunity to support a new local business and get professional headshots for free. Don’t miss out—sign up now!

Event Details:


Date & Time: Sunday, June 9, 2024, from 2-4 PM

Location: Prospector Park, Folsom

Registration: Required (on-site registration available)

Note: Gratuities welcome if you love the results


Event Highlights:

5 Photoshoots/Looks: Choose your favorite 3 on-site

Free Retouching: Final images uploaded to a gallery

Complimentary Downloads: For reprint and digital use (credit to Chris Pritchard Studios required)

Chill Vibes: Enjoy cold drinks and a relaxed atmosphere


Choose Your Look:•Business Professional•Casual/Personal•Creative/Artistic•Social Media Ready•Fun/Playful

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